It is recommended

It is recommended The edition is richly illustrated, provides detailed recommendations for PE dagogo and parents.

It is recommended to parents to home schooling, educators, speech therapists, psychologists and other specialists for individual and group classes with children years.

Dear parents and teachers!

Selfchild story ka possible to estimate not only the level of its speech development.

In connected speech shows are in it as in a mirror reflects the logic of judgment, the wealth of submissions deposits, accuracy, nature, initiatives efficiency, the creative aspirations and other qualities of personality.

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And on the third

And on the third to tablespoon.

And on the third day, you can give and a greater volume of ml A few days later, the juice can drink after several such feedings, without strict limits on the amount.

Two weeks you can enter another juice.

More in two to one.

And so on.

Up to a year and a half each new juice better BBO go to the above precautions starting with a teaspoon and increasing its number.

Then these mi measures can be neglected, but only if the child not very sensitive and tolerates diversity nye fruits and vegetables.

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Liver of poultry

Liver of poultry Then piece of a chicken together with juice to shift in a portion bowl, to add the apples peeled from thin skins and cut by segments to close a cover and to put in a zharochny case, to bring a dish to readiness.

Liver of poultry in tomato sauce with rice Liver g, butter g, sauce g, rice porridge g, cheese g, greens, salt to taste.

The prepared liver after a scalding to salt, fry with oil on a frying pan.

Then to add tomato sauce, to boil minutes.

When giving to mix rice porridge with grated cheese, to lay a form, then to lay out on plate and to put a liver with sauce in deepening and to strew it small chopped greens.

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Game develops

Game develops Take both the toy and the dance for them, and the kid let's dancing by himself.

Game develops coordination.

Two and a half to three years More or less?

Teach your child to compare various items and LM new creatures.

First, let him learn to compare them by size.

Name any object or animal, and mA Lys say that either one of them more.

Start ant boxes, elephant house, mouse cat, pencil samovar, etc.

Game develops intellect, intelligence, SPO the capacity for analytical thinking.

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The allergy

The allergy At the senior school students and teenagers most often a basis secondary food allergy defeats thin or thick are intestines.

The accompanying forms of food allergy take place at children with typical forms of primary forms of immunodeficiency, and also serious general hereditary illness.

The allergy can be caused foodstuff and their combination at diseases of digestive bodies.

Milk and dairy products cause % of cases of an allergy among foodstuff, eggs are on the second place, fish on the third place; other allergens meet less than in % of cases.

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